OUTFIT POST – Comfort zone

7 Nov

Dear readers,

The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic at work: I helped launch the DAA by JBC collection in Central Station (Antwerp) and guided a 3-day press trip to Copenhagen for Reebok CrossFit, while also helping organize our halfannual pressdays, which take off next week on Wednesday…

The unfortunate consequence of this was that I was not able to do as many blogposts as I am used to, for which I am very sorry…

But luckily my co-blogger and CEO of DAA Ninette Murk was able to hold up the fort during her own verybusy schedule, launching the DAA by JBC collection last week and following up on her 3 international students who helped organize the launch event.I hope you enjoyed her posts as much as I do!

A few weeks ago, my mother and I figured we needed a plan to keep the blog going during this busy period and we planned in a fun day to do some outfit shoots at her home. I arrived with a few suitcases filled with clothes, and we managed to get no less than 5 outfit posts each, which we’ll be sharing with you the next couple of weeks. These are outfits which we have worn for the last couple of weeks but didn’t have the chance to shoot it at the day of wearing, because of a lack of time or light, now it’s getting dark before getting back home at night.

My first outfit was the outfit I was wearing at arrival on the day of the outfitshoot… A very comfortable purple wool sweater with a fake fur hood from PlusMinus, which I bought very recently at a stocksale from a local boardshop. This hot baby is coming with me on my next snowboard trip to Switzerland, but in the meanwhile is a perfect match for my lazy sundays, when watching series from the comfort of my couch. I combined it with my favorite boyfriend jeans from ONLY and my sneakers from Sacha.

What do you like to wear on a lazy Sunday? Do you like my sweater?

With love, Nona



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