Let’s Go To Ibiza

1 Nov

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People who know me a bit longer than today, also know that I’m an old hippie with a love of denim and clothes that make me dream of foreign shores like Venice Beach, Bali, Essaouira and Ibiza. While I was reading this months’ copy of US Vogue (with Rihanna on the cover wearing a superb red Valentino dress) I noticed an article written by Hamish Bowles about a renovated finca in Ibiza that belongs to Swedish ex-model, stylist and Vogue editor Yvonne Sporre.  What interested me most were the clothes that graced some of the pictures, so when I read that everything was handmade in Bali I couldn’t contain myself anymore and started to do a bit of cyber research, resulting in finding the designer’s website: yvonne-sporre.fr, an online retailer (Luisa Via Roma) and the photos that you can see in the slideshow. As S/S 12 seems to be the most recent collection that’s online the clothes look very summery indeed, but that’s not really a problem, is it? In fact, the more summer clothes and blue skies the better – each & every day of the year!

Love & light,



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