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Chanel pop-up nail bar @ Selfridges, London

29 May

Dear readers,

If you’re planning a getaway to London shortly, be sure to pass by department store Selfridges, as they are welcoming a very cool but also temporary pop-up nail bar from Chanel!

Chanel pop-up nailbar

From 31 May to 12 June, Chanel will be hosting a pop-up nail bar at Selfridges London and celebrity nail expert Sophy Robson will be on hand for one-to-one appointments.

Immerse yourself amongst the giant Le Vernis bottles hanging from the ceiling and enjoy a shape and paint in the latest shades from Chanel’s much-coveted nail colour collection.

What’s more, on 6 June, Sophy Robson will be creating exclusive nail designs and will be available for personal appointments.

Sophy is loved for her innovative nail designs, think intricate patterns and out-there embellishments, and with clients including Kate Moss and Rita Ora, her one-to-one appointments are sure to book up fast.

A £25 fee is redeemable against any Chanel beauty purchases made on the same day and appointments with Sophy Robson are £30.

Anyone going to London during that period? Be sure to pass by Selfridges!

With love, Nona


JBC x O.P.I collaboration – Summer 2013

27 May

Dear readers,

The sun is finally shining through here in Belgium, which means it’s time to bring out your summer dress or – hell why not- go buy a whole new outfit to celebrate the long awaited good times.

_MG_4390 Cjpg2

For me personally, whenever the sun starts to shine, I feel the urge to buy some new nail polishes to accessorize with the new trend colours, as jewellery is personally not my thing (mostly as I’m the clumsy type who manages to get stuck to EVERYTHING with my necklace, rings or bracelets). As nail polishes dont ‘stand in my way‘ as I like to call it, they are my perfect partner in crime to accessorize with every outfit.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of the new collaboration between the Belgian retail brand JBC and my alltime favorite nail polish brand O.P.I.


JBC has selected 6 fashionable O.P.I. shades which fit perfectly with the new JBC Spring/Summer 2013 collection, ranging from bright white or soft pink  to even a deep purle tint. These 6 colors will be available from May 29th in every JBC store in Belgium.

The 6 colors which are part of the JBC x O.P.I collab all have very original names, something that O.P.I is renowed for:

Are we there yet? – Bright coral

Dating a Royal – Deep blue

Pamplona Purple – Deep purple

Funny Bunny – Bright white

GoodHardFind – Bright pink

Malaysian Mist – Soft pink

What’s your favorite shade? I’m going for Malaysian Mist !

With love, Nona

Outfit post – SPRING TIME

14 Apr

Dear readers,

it’s so good to be back on the blog after our winter hibernation, which was primarily caused by my new busy job I started last Fall and an unfortunate illness which struck me down for about a month.

But -just as the first flowers start to blossom and the birds start to sing- I thought it was time to present you with some brand new outfit posts  & exciting new seasonal previews again, starting from today.

I personally always get a sort of subconcious need to buy new shoes when I spot the first signs of spring… The (shopping) result? Already 3 pairs of new summer shoes in the last month (mostly wedges, this really is a must-have this season, comfortable and elegant all at once). … Probably this is not the end of my spring madness, as the highsummer collections are still to hit the shops in a few weeks.. Uhhh owwww!

For pictures of the new shoes you’ll still have to have a bit of patience (Yes, I know, I am such a tease), but I do have something else to show you : my brand new haircut and colour !

Parka – ONLY / Printed blouse – Steps / Mint green tracktop – H&M / Blue skinny – ONLY / Clutch – Pieces / Fascinator hairband – Accessorize / Ballerinas – Diesel


Nail colours (fromleft to right) :

Rimmel – Blue my mind / Estée Lauder – C6 Fuchsia / O.P.I. – Green -wich Village / Rimmel – Sky High / O.P.I. – Need Sunglasses?

I decided to loose about 10 to 15 cms of my hair, as I thought the time was right for a shorter more edgy look. The hair colour is a very bright copper tint, normally the colour is a bit more dark.

The flip side of the new colour is that I now look a bit paler than I was before, but the first serious rays of sunshine will take care of that problem soon enough.

As I was feeling ‘creative’ last week, I also decided to paint my finger nails in 5 different colours, it gives me a happy feeling every time I look at it and the comments have been nothing but positive, so I think I will try this again with a few new nail laquer coloursI’m trying to find at the moment.

So what do you think about my new haircut, do you like it? What haircut or colour would you like to try out this season?

With love, Nona

Triple Denim Nail Polish By Chanel

25 Aug

The weather might give us the blues every now and then, but in my opinion there’s no better blue than denim blue and Peter Philips of Chanel seems to agree with me: next month these 3 new shades of blue, with delectable names such as Blue Rebel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy will hit the stores- and soon hopefully also my nails! Double denim is still trending when it comes to outfits- and I plan to use all three of these colours on my nails together, triple denim wise. Which leaves me with a dilemma: 3 colours, 10 fingers…how to distribute them equally? Oh well, true beauty lies in asymmetry, right? Beat you to the store!

Love & Light



Get MAC’ed out @ Pukkelpop

12 Aug

If you plan to visit the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop next week, be sure to keep an eye out for the special Salon Fou on the festival site.

This temporary hair & make-up lab was created by U.S. based cosmetic brand MAC & will offer festival goers in desperate need of some beautifying the opportunity to get their hair & make-up done for free ! Now what’s not to like about that ?!

Do you feel like getting your Gaga on? Then there’s even better news !

As MAC is known for bold combinations of colours and textures to create their looks, they obviously decided not to go for basic make-up but to offer the visitor two daring choices (based on the Pukkelpop line-up), which kind of remind me of the signature make-up from Robert Smitb (the Cure) and Lady Gaga…

Get your make-up done at Salon Fou by MAC and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd ! And who knows, this might even get you the attention of your favorite band/singer during their concert? If the make-up doesn’t do the trick, then you can also customize a tshirt at Salon Fou in order to try to attract their attention. 😉

Which one of the two festival looks created by MAC do you like best? Is this something you would like to get done @ Pukkelpop?

With love, Nona

Desperately seeking MAC Cremestick Liner in Smoothberry

17 Apr

People who knew me when I was still a full-time fashion writer/editor never saw me without my trademark red lipstick, but since I switched from fashion to charity and I worked from home most of the time, the lipsticks went the same way my hats and formal suits did: out of the door. I didn’t like it, my husband didn’t like it and nobody else seemed to care one way or the other. Until the kind people at M.A.C. Cosmetics in New York sent me one of their make-up persons to make me look beautiful for a press event back in 2009 and I got to know their Cremestick Liner in Smoothberry- not too sticky, very natural and discreet and it made my lips look very nice indeed! One of the make-up artists gave me a Cremestick as a present and once I returned back home, it went straight into my washbag, not to return in my life and on my lips until two years later, when a photographer came to take my portrait for a weekly magazine and I decided to make an effort for once and actually lined my own lips. Wow.

The photo turned out very well indeed and lots of compliments ensued- both for the photographer’s talent and for my berry tinted lips. With more presentations coming up I started to use the Cremestick a few times more, then the tip broke off, I looked for a new stick- and found out that the Smoothberry colour meanwhile was discontinued by MAC. Oh noooooooo!

Being a wizard on the internet- if I do say so myself- I looked high and low to find the last of the Liners, but to no avail. They have disappeared from the face of the earth! Why, why, why?

If anyone reading this still has one of these liners lurking in a cupboard- or knows if there’s an alternative- please let me know. I feel a new addiction coming on.

x Ninette