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Ugly is The New Pretty- Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

30 Sep

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After having read the September and October issues of  a few fashion magazines, and checked  some blogs and websites, I can only conclude that if you don’t have enough money to go for designer clothes, you’re majorly f*cked this season. And have been the last four or five seasons before that as well.

The comeback of polyester, the high waist, unfortunate prints and a love for ugly colours such as ochre, petrol and the kind of pastel that flatters no-one except newborn babies…It makes for one hell of a fashion season. Walk into any high street retailer (don’t touch any of the fabrics or you’ll be struck blind instantly, which might be a good thing in this case) and you’ll be absolutely dumbfounded: it’s as if we’re all transported back into a bad version of the ‘80’s –and thàt already was the decade that taste forgot!

I dare you to find anything remotely flattering in those clothing racks, be it in shape, colour and/or fabric.  Add to that the fact that apparently ironing clothes before putting them up for sale is an option these days in most shops and you’ll be driven right into the next vintage store- or back home, to your safe jeans and sweater combos.

These meagre fashion offerings make me think about why women buy stuff like this- is it just because it’s a new collection/season? Because the fashion magazines report about them? Because bloggers wear the clothes (tip: they get them for free)? Because, heaven forbid, they have nothing to wear? Do these ladies have mirrors at home? Questions, questions, questions.

I don’t get it. There they are, proudly posing on fashion blogs and for street style photographers,  clutching their ‘It/Statement’ bag, hobbling about on platform shoes that look like orthopedic torture instruments and looking at least 3 sizes larger than they actually are.  What’s the deal here? I found some photos online that hopefully illustrate what I mean and can only add: look and learn, ladies. Look and learn.


Love & light,




Anna Dello Russo for H&M- will it look like this???

3 May

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When we heard that fashionista Anna Della Russo was going to design a collection of accessories for H&M our imagination went wild- will it look anything like the stuff she usually wears? What do you think? Would you buy -and wear- those accessories? Meanwhile, enjoy our slideshow!

Outfit Post: Ab Fab or too much of a good thing?

11 Nov

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Preparing outfit posts must rank among the most fun things  to do ever- and that starts with selecting the outfits to be photographed.

The last time Nona and I did this I went overboard one or twice and at first I didn’t want to show this series of pictures, but then I figured it must be fun to watch people making outfit mistakes as well, so here you go!

Separately, the items work perfectly well but worn all together the outfit makes me think of the kind of stuff actress Jennifer Saunders used to wear in the brilliant TV series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (can’t wait for the next series, btw): too much of a good thing. I look like a demented rapper, especially with the sunglasses.

All items are by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals, the sunglasses are by Linda Farrow (also designed by Jeremy Scott), the woolly hat is by Christophe Coppens for JBC. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Love & light,



What did YOU wear for Halloween?

1 Nov

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I couldn’t help posting these two photos on FFF as I think it’s a very fashionable way to celebrate Halloween, should you feel so inclined.  The little lady is a walking Chanel bag, while the gentlemen (baglords?) who were photographed last night in West Hollywood/Los Angeles (with thanks to Diane Pernet at are walking Hermès, Louis Vuitton and (again) Chanel bags respectively. It’s a bit disappointing not to see any walking Balenciaga’s (especially not walking towards my wardrobe), but hey, there’s always next year!

Love & light,



Urge to splurge- part 3: Fluorama, or why I like it bright (and sometimes shiny)

11 Oct

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I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for anything shiny and bright, ever since I wore fluo belts and braces in the ’80’s (also known as The Decade That Taste Forgot), so when I saw that well respected brands such as Hermès, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Isabel Marant and Miu Miu are bringing fluorescent colours back into fashion (for both women and men, mind you!), my first thought was: I have to send them my address. And my second: let’s surf the web to see what kind of delectables I can find to show you, my deserving audience. So without further ado, here we go! Enjoy and let me know what you think about the fluo trend- would you wear it- and how?

Love & (neon) Light,


Tommy Hilfiger goes digital

19 Sep

Dear readers,

The American brand Tommy Hilfiger has come up with an original way to do your (online) shopping , very thoughtful of them, especially when the weather is getting colder outside! They presented their new Fall collection on their website, with a handy new feauture added to it, under the name : the shop-able video.

In these videos, you can click on all the styles you like, connecting you straight to their online shop and the item you have just clicked on. This way you can get the styles you like even faster than before!

The below video is the first edition of the shop-able video, with others following in September and October.

Hilfiger Denim Lakeside shop-able video


Get adventurous in snug, utilitarian looks.  Layer thick knits and rugged jackets for a look that works downtown or out-of-town.


What do you think of their new feature, do you like it or do you prefer the real-life shopping experience?

With love, Nona

I love me a bit of Marc Jacobs

6 Aug

After seeing the F/W 11-12 Marc Jacobs ad campaign, shot as usual by Juergen Teller and featuring actress Helena Bonham-Carter, I once again realized how much I love those photos, showing celebrities and top models in often silly poses, taking the mickey out of themselves and having tons of fun. Including Mr Jacobs himself, who posed with his male perfume Bang, totally nude & oiled up. Well, who wouldn’t, with a body like that? I looked through my archive and came up with these beauties. Do you like them?

Love & light, Ninette

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What a special (birth)day! The Groupon experience pt2

7 Jul

Today was a long awaited date, as my boyfriend Jeroen was finally able to enjoy his GROUPON voucher I bought for his birthday a while ago. You can read all about it in our previous post.

This meant he was allowed to drive for 30 minutes in a shiny red Ferrari and 30 minutes in a darkblue Porsche Carrera around Antwerp, accompanied by a Traffic Control specialist.

Meeting point was Hotel Scandic in Borgerhout. After a short wait, we heard the engines roaring as the cars drove up the parking lot…

I made some pictures of the car before they departed, but unfortunately I was not able to join the ride, or it would have been in the trunk (not the best place for photo ops nor the glamour I would imagine being in such a car.

 Needless to say it was a very fantastic birthday for my boyfriend and he is still smiling ear to ear as I’m writing this blogpiece… What would he be dreaming about tonight, I’m afraid it’ won’t me. 😉

I would like to say thank you to GROUPON and Traffic Control for the great unforgettable experience and OONA for the special discount voucher that made all of this possible!

With love, Nona

     The co-driver has also got pedals, just in case… 😉 Wish I had this car when I was learning how to drive with driving school!


















Take off! Vrooooaaaammmm! Off they go !

Let’s Get Dirty @ Rock Werchter Festival with JBC !

24 Jun

Belgian fashion retailer JBC has come up with a great collaboration with the organization of Rock Werchter, under the promising  title ‘Let’s get dirty’.

As the head sponsor of Rock Werchter, JBC is dressing all volunteers who help out at the fesival. But they also wanted to do something extra for those longterm festival fanatics who cannot be expected to still be smelling like daisy flowers after a few days of Werchter.

That’s why the fashion brand has built up an eyecatching washing machine stand at the Werchter festival site, where some lucky winners will get a chance  to take a fresh shower and leave the festival stand with a completely new limited edition JBC outfit, so they can re-enter the festival in style while the JBC crew is washing and ironing their dirty outfit.

How can you be one of the lucky ‘dirtbags’ to get chosen for this special VIP treatment, you say? On the Rock Werchter festival site there will be several people walking around, dressed up as a washing machine, who select people to answer a few questions. If the answers are correct, you’re in for some serious pampering!

You’ll get a new outfit that was specially created by JBC for Rock Werchter (=very exclusive), a nice long shower without having to wait a few hours (bliss!) AND you can go back a few hours later to pick up your freshly washed and ironed clothes. Ofcourse you get to keep the JBC outfit recognizable by the muddy hand- too (I’ve added some pictures of these limited edition outfits so what’s not to like?

Here are some pictures of the outfits JBC created for us dirty girls and boys! All items are very recognizable by the muddy hand logo that was created for this campaign.



So if you’re strolling aroung on the festival, be sure to keep an eye out for those funky looking washing machines on legs. 😉

EXTRA GOOD NEWS for those who don’t have their Rock Werchter tickets yet, as JBC is also organizing a Dirty Ticket Race, where you can win one of the 200 last duo tickets for Werchter!

This contest starts Saturday the 25th of June, so be sure to keep this date in mind!

What do you need to do to win? First of all you need to follow JBC on Facebook : on their FB page. From Saturday the 25th of June you can enter the Dirty Ticket Race (link here)  in order to win those very desired last tickets. This is a sort of online searching game where you need to find the images of a dirty tshirt or washmachine… When you have gathered 1000 Dirty coins in this game, you can wash your online tshirt and find one of the 8 locations where the festival tickets are hidden….

Sound complicated? Just take a look on the JBC Facebook page and everything will become clear! 😉

Hope to see you at the festivals!

With love, Nona

Too Sexy For My Glasses

14 Apr

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A few years ago people were still a bit ashamed when they had to wear prescription glasses, so contact lenses were very popular indeed. The tide has turned recently (as tides are supposed to do) and it seems that the more nerdy and geeky a pair of glasses (and the person wearing it) looks, the more fashionable & trendy s/he is. The most popular are the black Ray-Ban-style frames, but all heavy looking styles in dark colours are popular these days- in fact it looks like some city streets have been taken over by a bunch of escaped mad librarians, specially when coupled with ballet flats, chunky intarsia sweaters in muted colours and (another one of my pet hates) the evil calf length skirt with accordion pleats. People, people, people, don’t you have a mirror at home? Take a look at the slideshow above and shudder. I rest my case.