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Essentiel stocksale

14 May

Dear readers,

THAT moment of the season has arrived again when I tend to go all wild (shopping-wise), which has not happened to me very often at the blessed age of 29 : I’d like to think I’ve left those days of wildly shouting at everything I love behind me, as I am not a teen no more, those days are loooong gone, haha, maybe for the better. There is yet one exception to be made to my rule of not screaming as a little girl and it’s getting closer, IIIIIIIII… Woops, I did it again, didn’t I?

You’ve might have guessed it already by reading the title of this post, but it’s Essentiel stocksale-time again, yeeha!  So buckle up and get ready !


My all-time favorite brand Essentiel organizes a stocksale every 6 months, one edition in December and one in May.

There is always a HUGE interest so many people stand there queuing up already an hour before the official opening, which (especially in the cold month of December) is what I call a hardcore dedication to the brand… The queus are sometimes so long that people have to wait outside for a coupe of hours.

I stood there plenty of times with those die-hards in the rain or snow, with the thought of my future Essentiel bargains keeping me warm, but every time again it’s more than worth it.

We are yet to see the first time where I can persist all those pretty clothes and end up returning home with NO purchases at all… This is a moment of the season that I absolutely live for, especially as my current budget does not allow me to purchase those pretty items at full price…. I soooooo need a job ! To sponsor my Essentiel cravings obviously.

Now to the most important info : where and when?
Friday 24/05/2013 :  9h – 19h
Saturday 25/05/2013 : 10h-18h

Terbekehofdreef 47 , 2610 Wilrijk
Do not wear any Essentiel the day of your visit!

Hope to see you there !

With love, Nona


Watch the latest photos of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection here!

23 Oct

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Tonight is the press launch in New York City for Maison Martin Margiela at H&M, so more and more enticing images come trickling in now. Here’s the most recent batch: enjoy and make your wish list for November 15! Looking back at the last 4 posts, which are your favorite pieces?

Love & light,


More images from the Maison Martin Margiela @ H&M Collection!

22 Oct

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Good lord almighty, the more pieces I see of this collection, the more I’m falling in love with it. Those pristine white leather high tops with rubber soles! The painted boots! The guitar bag (even if I don’t own a guitar)! It’s all beyond delicious. Beat you to the store on November 15th!

And here are the first outfits by Maison Martin Margiela @ H&M for men!

18 Oct

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The designs for men by Maison Martin Margiela @ H&M are as delish as the ones for women (see my last post)- start saving now, boys!

Love & light,


All The Looks Of Maison Martin Margiela For H&M!

17 Oct

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Are you as excited as we are for the new collaboration of Maison Martin Margiela with H&M? We were already and it’s only 10 times worse now that we’ve seen these photos-we know already that this is driving us straight into financial ruin. And to say that we’re still waiting to see more of the men’s collection… Which pieces do you like best?

Love & light,


PS1 – I love you

21 May

Dear readers,

Sometimes in life, you have to be quick if you want to get your ‘holy grail’ , as my happy story below will prove.

Last Tuesday I was havig a really bad day at the office, I guess the bad weather just lasted too long and my brain needed some sunshine… I’m not kidding, I was almost at my breaking point and for no evident reason. Was not in a fight with anyone, it was not that time of the month… Really weird!

Suddenly, I received a text message from my mother that she had spotted a beautiful Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag for a very reasonable price… As I realised that this baby would be snapped up in a heartbeat by someone else if I hesitated for even a second, I replied ‘BUY IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW’ ! After that I had to wait for a few minutes (which felt like hours) before she came back to me and said the deal was settled! Victory dances around the office and returning home with a very HAPPY face after the good news, obviously!

The next day already the new PS1 was already in my arms, as I have dreamt of for a veeeeeery long time… You see, sometimes dreams DO come true, you just have to wait for the exact right moment!

So from now on, my Balenciaga bags have to share the cupboard with the lovely green PS1 you see her in the picture.

Very important extra:  I want to thank my lovely fellow blogger Ninette -who happens to be my mother as well- for raising me with her immaculate taste in handbags (she got me hooked on Balenciaga) and for supporting my handbag lusts financially and mentally! You rock! ;-D

I will try to upload my first PS1 outfitpost next week.

Do you like the colour and model of the PS1?

With love, Nona

One for the boys- the best pieces of Marni for H&M for men!

18 Feb

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As we shouldn’t be too selfish and our partners also deserve a bit of the Marni for H&M booty, I’ve made a selection of pieces from the mens collection as well. Maybe we can camp in front of the store together in the night of 7-8 March?

Love & light,


Urge to splurge- part 3: Fluorama, or why I like it bright (and sometimes shiny)

11 Oct

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I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for anything shiny and bright, ever since I wore fluo belts and braces in the ’80’s (also known as The Decade That Taste Forgot), so when I saw that well respected brands such as Hermès, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Isabel Marant and Miu Miu are bringing fluorescent colours back into fashion (for both women and men, mind you!), my first thought was: I have to send them my address. And my second: let’s surf the web to see what kind of delectables I can find to show you, my deserving audience. So without further ado, here we go! Enjoy and let me know what you think about the fluo trend- would you wear it- and how?

Love & (neon) Light,


Urge to splurge- part 2: the entire Missoni F/W 11-12 collection

27 Sep

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I’m a shopaholic, I have to admit it. My weak points are denim, coats & jackets, turquoise jewellery, boots and anything ethnic/handmade/original. Usually I don’t really lust for entire collections, as I don’t want to wear the same clothes that everybody else wears. After I saw images of the fall/winter collection of Missoni I had to make an exception to this rule however, as I’m completely in lust with it: Those colours! The luxurious fabrics & knits! The shapes and layering and nonchalance! Those sky high prices! OK, that last one maybe not so much. I did some research online and just a pair of those knitted wide legged pants would already set me back 750 euros and of course I want (what do I say? I NEED!) it all, including the snakeskin snow boots. Another soft spot I have is for UGG-style boots and this would certainly mean an upgrade to the usual simple style. As most of you will know, Missoni also did a line for Target this autumn, but apart from the fact that it sold out in 1 hour, it’s not even comparable with the main line. Have a look at the photos and tell us what you think- love it or loathe it?

Love & light,


URGE TO SPLURGE – part 1 : the leather pants and aviator jacket

20 Sep

Dear readers,

We have come up with a new weekly concept for our blog, called URGE TO SPLURGE Tuesdays.

In this weekly column, we will show you one (or more) items, which we think are worth the investment. As we are known for our ‘little’ shop addiction, which often results in many highstreet buys, there are items which we think you cannot or should not save money on.

These must-have pieces will be presented yo you every Tuesday in our Urge to splurge blogposts.

For our first week, it wasn’t hard for me to decide which item I wanted to share with you: the new leather pants and aviator jacket from Esprit!

You might have noticed already that Esprit has come up with a fierce new face (no less than topmodel Gisèle Bündchen) and Autumn campaign which is widely spread over Belgium. It feautures Gisèle wearing some beautiful leather trousers (for 199,95€) in one picture and a tough aviator jacket (for 269,95€) in another advertisment campaign pic.

As soon as I saw the rusty brown leather pants with a vintage feel to it, I wanted, no NEEDED to have them. Why, you ask? Because this is simply the best version of brown leather pants that I have ever seen: it has different tones of brown in its colour, it is not the typical skinny model we are used to, it is simply different but yet very easy to combine with many items I own already…

Plus, let’s not forget that wonderful leather smell when you’re wearing it (yups, you read it right, folks, I’m one of those people who like the smell of leather, my secret is out!).

That’s why I feel these pants are worth the investment of about 200 euro.Saving up for this gem, as we speak, folks! 😉

The second URGE TO SPLURGE item I wanted to share with you : the bang-on trend aviator jacket in tanned leather with sheep lining! Warm, comfortable, egdy, this jacket is a statement piece that will upgrade every simple outfit (especially wih denim put into the mix) and looks great with ditsy dresses, checked shirts, suede shorts, denim items, simply everything you can think of!

It might costs quite some money (269,95€) , but for quality leather items, you must be willing to pay some extra bucks if you want real quality instead of PU lined jackets which start smelling bad when you have worn it for a few times. Plus, the fluffy collar can be taken of, so you can also wear the jacket wothout the attached sheep when it gets warm. Two looks, one jacket, what’s not to love?

What do you think of the items, do you like them and why (not)?

With love, Nona