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Outfit Post: Ab Fab or too much of a good thing?

11 Nov

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Preparing outfit posts must rank among the most fun thingsĀ  to do ever- and that starts with selecting the outfits to be photographed.

The last time Nona and I did this I went overboard one or twice and at first I didn’t want to show this series of pictures, but then I figured it must be fun to watch people making outfit mistakes as well, so here you go!

Separately, the items work perfectly well but worn all together the outfit makes me think of the kind of stuff actress Jennifer Saunders used to wear in the brilliant TV series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (can’t wait for the next series, btw): too much of a good thing. I look like a demented rapper, especially with the sunglasses.

All items are by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals, the sunglasses are by Linda Farrow (also designed by Jeremy Scott), the woolly hat is by Christophe Coppens for JBC. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Love & light,