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BLOGGER CLOSET SALE @ Antwerp Fashion Festival

6 Sep

Dear readers,

You might have noticed that Antwerp Fashion Festival is coming closer as various articles in the media have already raised attention for this cool upcoming event .

So next weekend (Friday 13 & Saturday 14 September 2013) it’s time to get your shopping bags out and visit Antwerp  , because there will be a whole lot of interesting fashion-related acivities planned in the city centre: workshops, special discounts, tours, shop openings, you name it, they got it!


The side-event at AFF  that is most anticipated by myself is the BLOGGER CLOSET SALE, which is hosted by Elien Migalski from  Dogs&Dresses  in collaboration with Antwerp Fashion Festival.

During this 2 day closet sale frenzy, various bloggers will offer some of their (often) unworn clothes and accessories for discount prices. Flemish Fashion Freaks will also be present with a lot of cool items for you to snap up, so be sure to visit us at Happaertstraat 26 in Antwerp (sidestreet of Kammenstraat) on Friday night between 17:00 and 22:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 .

My personal pièce de resistance for the closet sale is my turquoise Balenciaga Day shoulder bag, which will be sold for a very affordable low price 3x lower than the original retail price… Next to that there will also be a lot of unworn boots in size 41, print dresses and beautiful wool coats in pop colors…Sounds interesting, no?

So be sure to visit us at the BLOGGER CLOSET SALE at AFF next weekend, it will be a fun 2 days with lots of clothes, chatter and friends.

With love, Nona


Urge to splurge- part 3: Fluorama, or why I like it bright (and sometimes shiny)

11 Oct

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I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for anything shiny and bright, ever since I wore fluo belts and braces in the ’80’s (also known as The Decade That Taste Forgot), so when I saw that well respected brands such as Hermès, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Isabel Marant and Miu Miu are bringing fluorescent colours back into fashion (for both women and men, mind you!), my first thought was: I have to send them my address. And my second: let’s surf the web to see what kind of delectables I can find to show you, my deserving audience. So without further ado, here we go! Enjoy and let me know what you think about the fluo trend- would you wear it- and how?

Love & (neon) Light,


Living la Dolce Vita

11 Sep

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This typically Belgian Sunday is perfect for some outfit photography, so I rounded up lots of clothes and accessories, grabbed my husband & camera and headed for the stairway. My first outfit is based around my new Dolce Vita top that’s made of silk with a beautiful print and that I bought on the website of Revolve Clothing.

I buy a lot there, as it’s different from what you find in Europe and -even with customs costs added- still more affordable than most designer brands here. I’m wearing the top with one of my favorite pairs of Current/Elliott jeans, a studded belt from La Redoute, my new grey calfskin boots with hidden heels by Think! and a headband from Forever 21 who just opened a store here in Antwerp. Gold necklace by Jade Jagger, blue leather bracelet by Balenciaga, neon yellow leather bracelet by CC Skye, gold/stainless steel watch by Cartier, silver bracelet from Bali (wedding gift from my husband) and friendship bracelet from Cahors, France. A gift from Nona, who just finished her first busy week at her new PR job and who promised me that she’ll put up new posts here on FFF very soon indeed!

Love & Light


Outfitpost – Heading somewhere?

30 May

Yesterday I went to Leuven to help a friend move house. Afterwards we went for some lunch and cocktails downtown to celebrate her new place.

For this ocassion I needed an outfit that was good to go for cocktails and at the same time was pratical enough to help her move all her stuff up and down a lot of winding stairs… Practical flat sandals were a keyfactor to make this mission sucessfull, so I opted for some nice ethnical sandals from New Look…

Leather jacket- Object / Dress – Mango / Headband- H&M / Owl necklace – Pieces / Sandals – New Look / Bag – Balenciaga

During the move I was thinking about my nice fellow bloggers who were giving it their all at the Stiletto Run in Hasselt, in order to win a year’s supply of free New Look shoes: what would they be wearing, who would win?

Even though I couldn’t be there IRL, I was still excited to read about it on the fashion blogs when I got home. I browsed the twitter and blogaccounts and soon found out that the event was a blast, nobody got hurt and everybody lived happily ever after, enjoying a cocktail in the centre of Hasselt.

If you want to read more about it, you can visit the great fashion blogs of  Brunetteblogging , Krizia Shark Attack or  Wood and Rags for a report on the Stiletto Run!

Congratulations to Hanan from FashionFabrice who won the 300m bloggers’ run! I am very proud of the way she can run in heels so fast and still look effortlessly cool! A big congrats goes out to all bloggers in fact who risked their lives and pretty shoes in order to show the world what they’re made off! I couldn’t have done it myself to be honest!  

Next time I’ll be there to cheer you all on!

With love, Nona

Meet my small Bal family

21 May

As you might have noticed already, fellow fashion blogger and Bal lover Krizia from Shark Attack made a post a few days ago with pictures of her gorgeous white Balenciaga bag and the outfit created around it. In the same article, she also posted the question if we thought that Balenciaga bags currently are OUT OF STYLE or on the other hand could become iconic like the Birkin…

Personally I am a followerof  the last of these two statements. I was inspired by Krizia’s beautiful designer bag collection (this is an older post on her site, a must-see for every selfrespecting designer bag fan, link here) to finally make a ‘family picture’ of my designer bags aswell… So hold on, here they come!

But before going there, let’s be honest: I am such a Balenciaga fan that – besides the odd and never worn Prada bag I’m currently selling on Ebay- the entire small family consists of 4 secondhand Balenciaga bags, so in a way it barely qualifies for a family, doesn’t it?

Now enough chit-chatter, here are a few pictures of the small Bal family together and some individual ‘headshots’. Hope you like it!

Top row: 07 Vert Gazon Weekender rh + 04 Khaki Day rh

Bottom row: 07 Turquoize Day rh + 03 Cognac Twiggy rh

The braided handles and iconic studs on the front are some of the reason why I simply love the Balenciaga Motorcycle design. They can jazz up any outfit in an instant. Another plus is the fact that the leather only gets better by wearing the bag more often, it gets so thick and chewy….ha, pure bliss!

You only have to make sure to take care of it properly after wearing it for a certain period, to avoid darkened handles or spots on the leather caused by sunlight, rain etc…

For more pictures of the Khaki bag, you can click here.

My mother has also had a serious Balenciaga craving going on for the last couple of years (or is it a decade already?) resulting in a somewhat larger Bal family than mine, she prefers colours like red, yellow and purple… I will try to convince her to take some pictures of them together when she gets back from hot Bali (some girls have all the luck) .

Her latest aqcuisition you can see in a previous post here. It’s a 09 Raisin Bal PomPom she scored in Hasselt last month. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

What is your bag crush (brand)? Do you find it worth the extra money to buy it new or do you prefer second hand?

Very curious what you have to say about this!

With love,  Nona

Outfit of the day: who likes short shorts?

25 Apr

First of all, a very late Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you were able to spend it nicely with family and friends!

What a great week-end it has been! It keeps on getting hotter every day, with today’s temperatures rising up to 30 as the highest yet!

I admit that I like the occasional high temperatures, but with almost 30 degrees Celcius, finding a cool outfit can sometimes be a real challenge… Thank god for my jeansshorts by Vila!

Normally I start wearing these around June-July, but with this temperature, I had no other option than to dig them up already last week. Hooray for that!

Today will be a relaxed day spent at home, more specifically in the garden as we had a busy day yesterday with some family festivities and a large family quest in search of different statues at Middelheim Park.

Since pressdays are also coming up next week Wednesday and Thursday, tomorrow will be a real busy day with LOTS of last-minute preparations and arrangments for this… So let’s relax while we still can! 😉

As you can tell from the pictures, I am a big fan of flower prints at the moment. Next to that, I am also carrying one of my other favourite items, my khaki leather Balenciaga bag I managed to find second hand a few years ago.

What are your plans for today?

With love, Nona

Flower top- Vero Moda/ Denim shorts – Vila/ Bikini top- Accessorize/ Headband- Primark/ Bag- khaki Balenciaga Day/Shoes- Fly/ Bracelets- Accesorize and Pieces Accessories/ Nailpolish- OPI (Blue my mind)