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Essentiel stocksale

14 May

Dear readers,

THAT moment of the season has arrived again when I tend to go all wild (shopping-wise), which has not happened to me very often at the blessed age of 29 : I’d like to think I’ve left those days of wildly shouting at everything I love behind me, as I am not a teen no more, those days are loooong gone, haha, maybe for the better. There is yet one exception to be made to my rule of not screaming as a little girl and it’s getting closer, IIIIIIIII… Woops, I did it again, didn’t I?

You’ve might have guessed it already by reading the title of this post, but it’s Essentiel stocksale-time again, yeeha!  So buckle up and get ready !


My all-time favorite brand Essentiel organizes a stocksale every 6 months, one edition in December and one in May.

There is always a HUGE interest so many people stand there queuing up already an hour before the official opening, which (especially in the cold month of December) is what I call a hardcore dedication to the brand… The queus are sometimes so long that people have to wait outside for a coupe of hours.

I stood there plenty of times with those die-hards in the rain or snow, with the thought of my future Essentiel bargains keeping me warm, but every time again it’s more than worth it.

We are yet to see the first time where I can persist all those pretty clothes and end up returning home with NO purchases at all… This is a moment of the season that I absolutely live for, especially as my current budget does not allow me to purchase those pretty items at full price…. I soooooo need a job ! To sponsor my Essentiel cravings obviously.

Now to the most important info : where and when?
Friday 24/05/2013 :  9h – 19h
Saturday 25/05/2013 : 10h-18h

Terbekehofdreef 47 , 2610 Wilrijk
Do not wear any Essentiel the day of your visit!

Hope to see you there !

With love, Nona


Stocksale alert @ Essentiel !

29 Nov

Stocksale alert @ Essentiel !

Dear readers,

Today I visited the Essentiel pre-stocksale and scored myself some wonderful new items (which will be shown in future outfit posts soon) at very reasonable prices about 50 to 70% lower than in store,

I bought 3 soft and colourful cardigans (green, dark blue and purple) and a printed silk wrap dress… Quite the loot if you ask me !

The best news is that from tomorrow (Friday 30th of November) the Essentiel stocksale will be open for everyone who’s interested as today was the VIP sale.

So get your shop on ad score some pretty items to kickstart your weekend! Maybe we’ll see each other there as I’m returning tomorrow to help a friend find some items.

Here are all the details you need about the stocksale event!

Friday 30th Nov from 9.00 to 19.00
Saturday 1st Dec from 9.00 to 18.00

Terbekehofdreef 47 – 2610 Wilrijk


Do not wear Essentiel clothing to the stocksale – Cash only

With love, Nona

Essentiel stocksale

22 Nov

Dear readers,

We’ve been pretty good in the savings department lately, and with good reason: Essentiel is having a big stocksale, which takes off tomorrow morning! Be sure to pass by if you have the time, I have already visited their stocksales a few times and never went home without some serious loot and minus some serious cash … But hey, in my mind I actually MADE money by buying all those lovely pieces at lower prices, each one of them is still treasured to death as we speak a few years later…shopaholics logics anyone? 😉

Enjoy the stocksale and be sure to share your new treasures with us!

With love, Nona

Marc Lagrange x Essentiel limited edition T collection

18 Oct

Dear readers,

To celebrate the summary photo exposition XXML – 20 Years of Marc Lagrange , a special collaboration has been set up between this talented photographer and my personal favourite Belgian brand Essentiel, let’s call it a limited T shirt edition.

These stylish XXML x Essentiel tees have the same prints which are also displayed at the XXML-exposition, in the casual yet classy way which is typical for Essentiel.

Four T shirts in grey melange have been created for this übercool collab, two for men (with the image of ‘Icarus’ and ‘Any Suggestion’) & two for women (‘Taxi Girl’ and ‘SnowWhite’). For only 65€ you can make one of these limited edition tees yours, so hurry up as these babies are bound to sell out fast!

You can buy this limited collection in all Essentiel stores as well as during the XXML-exposition.


The female model for this shoot is blogger Elisabeth Ouni, as she is a big fan of Polaroids (her blog is called A Polaroid Story) and Essentiel, a partnership made in heaven in my opinion!

So what’s your favourite tee? I LOVE all of them to be honest, it’s a tough choice! Buuuuut , in the end, the one with the SnowWhite , is the one that I kept thinking about the longest…

Expo XXML – 20 Years Marc Lagrange
Maison Lagrange
Quellinstraat 38
2018 Antwerpen


With love, Nona





Pressdays AW 2011 report pt1 : Oona

1 May

As promised I made a report about the pressdays of last week, where the fashion press and bloggers got the opportunity to preview the new collections for autumn-winter 2011.

Wednesday evening I visited Oona press agency after work, to attend a wonderful bloggers meeting organized by Groupon and have a glimpse of the new collections from brands like Essentiel, River Island, Moonboots, North Face and Forever 21.

Here are some pictures of my favourite ‘Oona’ items, later this week I will also show more pics of my top Bestseller pieces for next autumn, in the meanwhile I hope you enjoy the pics below!

Mustard will be a big trend next season: my favourite item in this colour is this skinny jeans with zippers by River Island.

Reversed sheep linings on clothing and accessories will continue to be a big trend next winter, this means we can dig up our sheeplined items from last winter, hooray for economival trends! 😉 Bag by River Island,  sheepskin boots by Avance…

Moonboots are a very good and fashionable option for more cold and snowy situations:  next winter they will also be available in a funky check Da Kine-like pattern besides the usual bright unicoloured versions.

Forever 21 showed us some more summery items, which I would like to get my hands on ASAP, for example the multicoloured cotton shorts with elastic waistband or the ditsy green dress with bow details.

Good news for the fans of Forver 21 by the way, in the near future they will be opening a shop in Antwerp! More details will hopefully follow quickly 😉

Essentiel- my absolute nr 1 Belgian brand, never fails to amaze: for next fall they designed a wonderful collection with some nice prints and typical fall colours. Especially the shoes were a real eye-catcher, those wedges are TDF! The animal inspired sneakers would go perfectly with about everything casual in my wardrobe… Must-have alert!

In Oona’s secret vault there was a nice ‘hidden treasure’, argh matey! More precisely the Lego ship of Pirates of the Carribean!

Toy company Lego has IMO made a giant leap forward since my childhood when I was still playing with Lego; the kids of today get to enjoy playing with Johhny Depp on his Black Pearl, as in the movie Pirates of the Carribean, while we had to settle for lame police cars or ice cream trucks…

On the other hand, what a popular aunt I could be giving something like this to my nephew for his birthday! 😉

These were my fave items, hope you liked it!

I would like to thank Oona (Marie and Charlotte especially) for the very warm welcome and the bloggers too ofcourse for the very nice conversations! Hope to see you all again very soon!

With love, Nona