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URGE TO SPLURGE – part 1 : the leather pants and aviator jacket

20 Sep

Dear readers,

We have come up with a new weekly concept for our blog, called URGE TO SPLURGE Tuesdays.

In this weekly column, we will show you one (or more) items, which we think are worth the investment. As we are known for our ‘little’ shop addiction, which often results in many highstreet buys, there are items which we think you cannot or should not save money on.

These must-have pieces will be presented yo you every Tuesday in our Urge to splurge blogposts.

For our first week, it wasn’t hard for me to decide which item I wanted to share with you: the new leather pants and aviator jacket from Esprit!

You might have noticed already that Esprit has come up with a fierce new face (no less than topmodel Gisèle Bündchen) and Autumn campaign which is widely spread over Belgium. It feautures Gisèle wearing some beautiful leather trousers (for 199,95€) in one picture and a tough aviator jacket (for 269,95€) in another advertisment campaign pic.

As soon as I saw the rusty brown leather pants with a vintage feel to it, I wanted, no NEEDED to have them. Why, you ask? Because this is simply the best version of brown leather pants that I have ever seen: it has different tones of brown in its colour, it is not the typical skinny model we are used to, it is simply different but yet very easy to combine with many items I own already…

Plus, let’s not forget that wonderful leather smell when you’re wearing it (yups, you read it right, folks, I’m one of those people who like the smell of leather, my secret is out!).

That’s why I feel these pants are worth the investment of about 200 euro.Saving up for this gem, as we speak, folks! 😉

The second URGE TO SPLURGE item I wanted to share with you : the bang-on trend aviator jacket in tanned leather with sheep lining! Warm, comfortable, egdy, this jacket is a statement piece that will upgrade every simple outfit (especially wih denim put into the mix) and looks great with ditsy dresses, checked shirts, suede shorts, denim items, simply everything you can think of!

It might costs quite some money (269,95€) , but for quality leather items, you must be willing to pay some extra bucks if you want real quality instead of PU lined jackets which start smelling bad when you have worn it for a few times. Plus, the fluffy collar can be taken of, so you can also wear the jacket wothout the attached sheep when it gets warm. Two looks, one jacket, what’s not to love?

What do you think of the items, do you like them and why (not)?

With love, Nona