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BLOGGER CLOSET SALE @ Antwerp Fashion Festival

6 Sep

Dear readers,

You might have noticed that Antwerp Fashion Festival is coming closer as various articles in the media have already raised attention for this cool upcoming event .

So next weekend (Friday 13 & Saturday 14 September 2013) it’s time to get your shopping bags out and visit Antwerp  , because there will be a whole lot of interesting fashion-related acivities planned in the city centre: workshops, special discounts, tours, shop openings, you name it, they got it!


The side-event at AFF  that is most anticipated by myself is the BLOGGER CLOSET SALE, which is hosted by Elien Migalski from  Dogs&Dresses  in collaboration with Antwerp Fashion Festival.

During this 2 day closet sale frenzy, various bloggers will offer some of their (often) unworn clothes and accessories for discount prices. Flemish Fashion Freaks will also be present with a lot of cool items for you to snap up, so be sure to visit us at Happaertstraat 26 in Antwerp (sidestreet of Kammenstraat) on Friday night between 17:00 and 22:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 .

My personal pièce de resistance for the closet sale is my turquoise Balenciaga Day shoulder bag, which will be sold for a very affordable low price 3x lower than the original retail price… Next to that there will also be a lot of unworn boots in size 41, print dresses and beautiful wool coats in pop colors…Sounds interesting, no?

So be sure to visit us at the BLOGGER CLOSET SALE at AFF next weekend, it will be a fun 2 days with lots of clothes, chatter and friends.

With love, Nona


NEW LAUNCH at FlemishFashionFreaks : SALE corner

13 May

Dear readers,

After quite a long period of blogging-silence (due to an extensive and still ongoing search for a new job), there’s something new to intoduce to you on FlemishFashionFreaks: we have created a small online wardrobe for you to shop in whenever you please, and everything will be sold at very small prices! Great news, right?


Our brand spanking new SALE page, which you can find at the FFF homepage by clicking SALE (next to the ‘about’ button) ,  is in fact a little piece of Flemish Fashion Freaks that will be available for your eyes and wardrobes only : we will regularly upload pictures of our (often unworn) fashion items for you to browse and shop.

The offer can range from a cheap H&M bargain to a more expensive Balenciaga bag, so keep regularly checking our SALE page, you never know what might show up.

This way we can give our closet some well deserved breathing space by removing the items we have not yet worn (a lot) , aswell as create a new -fashion-fund for the next shopping sprees.

See anything you like? Then do not hesitate to contact me:

– Leave a message in the comment box below the sales items

– Join us at our Facebook group FlemishFashionFreaks, where all the sales items will also be uploaded

-Send me a tweet @flemishfashionf

Please do mind that shipping costs are additional for the client and we do not accept refunds.  First come, first served, no lay-aways.

Happy shopping !

With love, Nona

P.S. The first sales items will be uploaded from Thursday 15th of May 2013.

Ugly is The New Pretty- Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

30 Sep

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After having read the September and October issues of  a few fashion magazines, and checked  some blogs and websites, I can only conclude that if you don’t have enough money to go for designer clothes, you’re majorly f*cked this season. And have been the last four or five seasons before that as well.

The comeback of polyester, the high waist, unfortunate prints and a love for ugly colours such as ochre, petrol and the kind of pastel that flatters no-one except newborn babies…It makes for one hell of a fashion season. Walk into any high street retailer (don’t touch any of the fabrics or you’ll be struck blind instantly, which might be a good thing in this case) and you’ll be absolutely dumbfounded: it’s as if we’re all transported back into a bad version of the ‘80’s –and thàt already was the decade that taste forgot!

I dare you to find anything remotely flattering in those clothing racks, be it in shape, colour and/or fabric.  Add to that the fact that apparently ironing clothes before putting them up for sale is an option these days in most shops and you’ll be driven right into the next vintage store- or back home, to your safe jeans and sweater combos.

These meagre fashion offerings make me think about why women buy stuff like this- is it just because it’s a new collection/season? Because the fashion magazines report about them? Because bloggers wear the clothes (tip: they get them for free)? Because, heaven forbid, they have nothing to wear? Do these ladies have mirrors at home? Questions, questions, questions.

I don’t get it. There they are, proudly posing on fashion blogs and for street style photographers,  clutching their ‘It/Statement’ bag, hobbling about on platform shoes that look like orthopedic torture instruments and looking at least 3 sizes larger than they actually are.  What’s the deal here? I found some photos online that hopefully illustrate what I mean and can only add: look and learn, ladies. Look and learn.


Love & light,



The hard-knock life on the catwalk

12 Mar

Many think of models as pretty girls living the good and glamourous life, travelling around the world, receiving expensive clothing from designers and posing for famous magazines like Vogue or ELLE.

However, there is another side of modelling some forget to consider. For example, they have to wear the most ridiculously high and unwearable shoes in too small sizes, resulting in many embarrasing moments on a catwalk.

Next to that, the catwalk itself can sometimes also cause problems, like you can see in the video when a model just completely dissapears into the stage!

You can also see some other painful and sometimes funny examples in the YouTube video.

Although very surprising, I do not know what the martial arts man is doing on the catwalk ! 😉

With love,


Black is the new black

12 Mar

With the multitude of colours available in fabrics and in the minds of many a fashion designer, you’d think that at the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris the catwalks would be lined with hues that’d put the rainbow into shame. And you would be wrong: only amateurs and Anna Della Russo (editor at large for Vogue Nippon, but better know for wearing mega-sized cherries on her head and renting a separate apartment for her clothes and shoes) opt for vivid colors- the real fashion professionals wear black, with a little bit of camel and beige mixed in for excitement. Watch any fashion show on the internet and you’ll see rows and rows of fashion crows, taking pictures with their iPhone or digital camera, tapping away on their iPad (or notebook for the old skool diehards) or just sleeping sitting upright, hiding behind huge -and again black- sunglasses. One good thing about this phenomenon is that all eyes will be on the catwalk, which the designers and the fashion houses will undoubtedly love. This of course raises the question of who buys these colourful clothes that you see a few months later in all the magazines and blogs. Well, not fashion writers, that’s for sure. For one thing, they can’t afford them. And everybody knows that bright yellow does nothing for your skin, plus it instantly adds at least 6 pounds to your fashionably skinny frame. No no, black is good. Believe you me!

x Ninette