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My shoplog of the week

2 May

Dear readers,

I’ve been a naughty girl shop-wise. Last week there was not one single day where I wasn’t spotted in one or more shops, eagerly putting my creditcard into the machine at the cash register.

To share the joy I experienced buying my items (and to hear that I didn’t went too far in my shopping madness from you too!), I decided to make a little shoplog.

The first splurge moment I experienced was last Thurday evening at the Naf Naf relaunch party at Rue Neuve in Brussels.

Almost all the Spring/Summer items were very on-trend (and at the same time on my wishlist), but I somehow managed to keep myself a bit under control with as a result: a cute white print top, a green knee skirt with pockets (practical), a pair of widefit shorts in an Africa-inspired print, a blue dress with gold collar and finally a turquoise belt.


On Sunday I was invited to Maasmechelen Outlet Village, where I started a quest for the perfect accessory. The final loot included 2 studded belts from Talking French, a gorgeous army green leather satchel from Fossil and the green print Talking French dress I also wore in my last outfitpost.


But, the shopping still continued on Monday during my lunchbreak from work. In my short break, i managed to get to F21 (green polkadot top), Mango (2 Tshirts) and Ici Paris XL ((perfume and nail polish).


Narciso Rodriguez has made a limited edition summer version of his iconic scent For Her, named For Her Délicate. I was already a loyal fan of this fragrance, but the new version is much better for summer, a little more subtle and fruity.


I also indulged in some nailpolish from YSL, called Manicure Couture Les Fauves, which consists of 2 shades (black and gold) you put on your nails together to get a shattered texture effect. I can’t wait to put this new technology on my nails as I have read much about it but very curious how it will look on my own hands.


The last beauty call was a refill for another perfume I adore: Chanel‘s Chance Eau Tendre. When the shop assistant from Ici Paris XL told me that Eau Tendre now exists in a handy travel spray package of 30ml, I didn’t hesitate, as it easily fits into my purse and I got two extra refill bottles. Perfume addict, anyone?

For the rest of the month, I’ll be keeping a low profile on the shopping market, my wallet needs some rest as it can take no more right now. Now it’s time to let all my new babies see the light of day as quickly as possible, they deserve some proper airtime!

New outfitposts with my new items will quickly follow, if the weather stays as good as it was today, at least!

With love, Nona



1 May

Dear readers,

Maasmechelen Village invited me last week to come discover their new collections as they are currently organizing a special campaign , called Art of the Detail. You can read all about it in my previous post.

They asked me to look for my perfect accessory for this season and boy, it didn’t take me long to find it!

Actually (typically me), I opted for 2 accessories which can be worn perfectly together. At Fossil, I found this to-die-for green leather satchel, which is a style you never can go wrong with if you ask me. The army green colour can be combined with many pop colours and over the top prints, so I may count this baby as a good asset to my current wardrobe.

The other accessory which immediately stole my heart is a thin studded belt in tan leather from Talking French… I heart it so much that I decided to also buy the belt in blue… With those outlet prices, I didn’t even think twice about it.

To put the look together I decided I also needed a new dress to combine the accessories with (well, I didn’t really need it, you know, but when a girl is on a roll…). This new baby comes from Talking French aswell,  love the print and colour combo. Trans-seasonal dress : check!

I had some fun today with the boyfriend and went on our very first ‘location shoot’ (sounds fancy if you say it like that, better than I walked down the street to the tunnel, ha). Below you can see the result.


Jacket – Object C.I./ Dress – Talking French/ Belt – Talking French/ Leather bag – Fossil/ Sunglasses – adidas Originals Eyewear/ Boots – Sacha

The pearly nailpolish is from Rituals new ‘Urban Chic’ make-up range, I really love the way it sparkles in the sun! It is also very easy to apply and comes at a reasonable price, a win-win situation!

Do you like the new accessories? What is your must-have accessory this season?

With love, Nona

Bring it bag to me

26 May

I’ve noticed that there’s a huge revival of vintage bags and fashion designs going on right now. You see it on fashion blogs, instore, on television shows, magazines, just everywhere! It has gotten to a point where I cannot get it out of my head and desperately want one of those cute satchel bags.

During the Welcome Days at Oona I also discovered lots of bucket bags, satchels and rucksacks with a modern new touch added to them from River Island: these items will be sold during next autumn, so we still have to wait a bit for those. In other words, this trend will probably still be going strong for a while.

This means now is the perfect time to invest in an oldskool satchel like many used to have while going to school… Me, an enabler, I hear you say? Perhaps…

But how did my obsession get started?

After a nice intake interview earlier this week, I decided to treat myself to some windowshopping, as I currently have no money to spend on fashion. Unfortunately I discovered the Fossil store in Antwerp, my heart is still recovering from it.

There were so many beautiful bags available that I had to make myself step out of the store and catch some breath, all those chewwy leathery bags, beautiful colours, reasonable prices, the satchel that reminds me a bit of the Mulberry Alexa, but at a more affordable level for us normal mortals (about 220€)… WANT! NEED! LOVE! 

Vintage Re Issue Messenger ( brown, straw and yellow version): about 220€

After literally running away from the store before my weak will would succomb to my fashionloving heart and the credit card would me maxed out, I decided to go home without purchasing and share some of the bags I saw with you instead… I hope you like them!

Sannabel Woven Tote : about 300€

Sannabel Large Flap (turquoize): about 160€

Lola Woven Satchel : about 300€

Lola Patchwork Satchel : about 220€

Lola Convertible Large Hobo (in pink) : about 180€

Grayson Striped Drawstring Bucket : about 130€

Grayson Flap : about 180€

Brooke Sling : about 110€

Brooke Bucket : about 110€

(Prices were calculated from dollar)

My personal Fossil favourite is the Vintage Re Issue Messenger straw bag with brown leather accents aswell as the yellow version, it’s a hard choice… I already decided to treat myself to one of these two babies when I have landed my new job! Extra motivation, check!

There are ofcourse  many other modern interpretations on the vintage design of the satchel right now: f.e. the Cambridge Satchel company currently also offers their classic design of the satchel in fluorescent colours like orange,pink and yellow…

Nice extra: they can personalize your satchel by putting your name on a golden or silver plate on the front of the bag, a bit like Louis Vuitton’s Speedy but yet again, more affordable!

Ofcourse you also have the possibility to choose another more safe and everyday colour like red, green, tanned brown, black or navy blue… The choices are endless!

Do you like the satchel trend? Do you have a satchel or bucketbag in your collection?

Please do not hesitate to add some lovely comments to this post, I’m very interested to hear what you think about this!

With love, Nona