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JBC x O.P.I collaboration – Summer 2013

27 May

Dear readers,

The sun is finally shining through here in Belgium, which means it’s time to bring out your summer dress or – hell why not- go buy a whole new outfit to celebrate the long awaited good times.

_MG_4390 Cjpg2

For me personally, whenever the sun starts to shine, I feel the urge to buy some new nail polishes to accessorize with the new trend colours, as jewellery is personally not my thing (mostly as I’m the clumsy type who manages to get stuck to EVERYTHING with my necklace, rings or bracelets). As nail polishes dont ‘stand in my way‘ as I like to call it, they are my perfect partner in crime to accessorize with every outfit.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of the new collaboration between the Belgian retail brand JBC and my alltime favorite nail polish brand O.P.I.


JBC has selected 6 fashionable O.P.I. shades which fit perfectly with the new JBC Spring/Summer 2013 collection, ranging from bright white or soft pink  to even a deep purle tint. These 6 colors will be available from May 29th in every JBC store in Belgium.

The 6 colors which are part of the JBC x O.P.I collab all have very original names, something that O.P.I is renowed for:

Are we there yet? – Bright coral

Dating a Royal – Deep blue

Pamplona Purple – Deep purple

Funny Bunny – Bright white

GoodHardFind – Bright pink

Malaysian Mist – Soft pink

What’s your favorite shade? I’m going for Malaysian Mist !

With love, Nona


New sales items added to the FFF shop

14 May

Dear readers,

Today I have selected a few items to put up for sale on our brand new SALE page.

As you can see it is mostly very summer-inspired stuff like dresses or light tops and some shoes. Later on we might still add some accessories like scarfs, handbags etc, so be sure to keep checking out the SALE page!

Especially wih the Essentiel stocksale coming up next week (check all the details here), it’s time to clean up and get my closet ready for adding some new finds.

The items will also be put online on our Flemish Fashion Freaks Facebook group, so be sure to join us there if you like any of the item.

Happy shopping !

With love, Nona

P1040050-400Brown suede wedge heel boots – size 42 – New Look – 15€

P1040051-400Coloured leather wedge heels – size 42 – Clarks – 30€ – worn once

P1040052-400Zignano running shoes – size 41 – Reebok – 30€ – never worn !!!

P1040053-400Cotton flower knee dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040054-400Grey button shirt dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040055-400Pink print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn !!!

P1040056-400Flower print cotton dress – size M – ONLY – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040057-400Tropical print dress – size S – ONLY – 5€ (can also be worn strapless)

P1040058-400Red flower halter dress – size 34 – STEPS – 15€ – worn once

P1040059-400Long pink/orange tropical dress – size M – Vero Moda – 15€ – worn once

P1040061-400Short purple/yellow print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040062-400Blue chiffon knee dress – size S – Esprit – worn once

P1040063-400Light blue jersey dress with zip details – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040064-400Blue/white/green cotton flower tunic – size M – Vila – 10€

P1040065-400Green/black chiffon knee dress – size 36 – Mexx – 15€ – never worn

P1040066-400Strapless green short dress w/ black print – size XS – Object – 10€

P1040067-400Green jersey dress – size M – Vero Moda – 10€

P1040068-400Long green/yellow strapless tropical print dress – size M – ONLY – 15€

P1040069-400Ethnic strapless dress – size S – DEPT – 10€

P1040070-400White tunic with spot print – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040072-400Bordeaux/black blazer – size 36 – H&M – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040075-400Short flower print jumpsuit with belt- size 34 – New Look – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040076-400Pink flower dress – size S – Forever 21 – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040078-400Breton stripe long top – size S – Vero Moda – 5€

P1040079-400Sripe dress – size 36 – JBC – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040080-400Blue sleeveless top – size M – H&M – 5€

P1040081-400Crossfit training trousers – size XS – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!

P1040083-400Tight running pants – size S – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!

Hannelore Knuts launches ‘DAA by JBC’ in Antwerp

26 Oct

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Yesterday was a big day for both me and Nona, as the new collection ‘DAA by JBC’ was launched- as many of you know, I head Designers against AIDS (www.designersagainstaids.com) and Nona works in PR for MediaMania, who have JBC as their client. Our first collection for JBC consists of cozy homewear (with cashmere added, don’t you know!) and a small line of silky lingerie, designed by burlesque artist Gentry de Paris (www.gentrydeparis.com). We even added a scented candle and- imo the most important article- condoms! Selling condoms in a fashion store where you also buy underwear makes perfect sense to me. Face of ‘DAA by JBC’ is international top model Hannelore Knuts, who graced the cover of Vogue Italia and countless other magazines, walked for Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gaultier and anyone else you care to mention and headed campaigns for labels such as Prada, Chanel, Akriss -and now ‘DAA by JBC’ as well. Hannelore is a friend of mine since at least 15 years and a big supporter of the work that DAA does, so this coop was a no-brainer- they only problem was finding the time in her busy agenda. She was photographed wearing important pieces of the collection and filmed in an interactive video that is now being shown in the main hall of Antwerp’s Central Station (until Saturday October 29th 6 PM) staging a virtual pillow fight, where YOU can also take part (see www.jbc.be/DAA for more details) and yesterday she came to Antwerp to help us present ‘DAA by JBC’ to the Belgian press, who attended in their masses! Nona was very busy showing the guests the way and distributing press dossiers but she found a minute to get introduced to Hannelore and to pose with her and me for some of the photos that you can see in the slideshow. JBC donates 25% of the sales of ‘DAA by JBC’ to the new education center of Designers against AIDS so by buying from this collection, you not only make sure you’ll be comfortable and chic this winter, but will also be doing your bit for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Talking about a no-brainer!

Love & light


JBC & Designers Against AIDS collaboration launch event @ Central Station, Antwerp

12 Oct



OUTFIT POST – Afterhours fun

6 Oct

Dear readers,

Today my colleague Dorothée and I decided to do an crazy impromptu afterhours outfitshoot at work, as I am the proud owner of yet another beautiful dress I recently bought at JBC. Their Fall collections are very trendy yet comfortable and affordable at the same time, so I really had to hold myself back or I would have bought so many more items, if not the entire collection. JBC used to have a somewhat dusty image but in my opinion they have seriously stepped up their game in the last few years, initiating cool campaigns and collaborations with Belgium’s finest, such as Walter Van Beirendonck, Christophe Coppens and (my personal favourite) Chris Janssens. I also shopped a  new item from the new capsule collection from Chris Janssens by JBC, I will share some pics of that item later on.

It was a really fun and original way to end a working day like this, as Dorothée kept saying things like ‘Jump forward from behind the curtain’, or ‘Put on some glasses’ , ‘Stand next to the dolls’. I was very willing to oblige as I am known to be a bit crazy too sometimes 😉

Below the results of our little shoot, do you like my new dress from JBC?

With love, Nona

Belgian top models for fall campaigns JBC

1 Sep

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Since the last decade Belgian models rule, both when it comes to international catwalks and fashion magazines. They don’t have a cookie cutter image, are down to earth and have a strong work ethic, so it’s no wonder that designers, brands, stylists and photographers fall in love with them and want to work with them time and time again.

We just got the news that Belgian super models Hannelore Knuts, Elise Crombez and Kjell Bracke have been selected by Belgian fashion retailer JBC -known for their coops with designers such as Walter Van Beirendonck and Christophe Coppens- and will head their three major fall campaigns- including TV spots. We’re particularly curious about the november ‘loungewear/lingerie’ campaign with Hannelore Knuts, as her video has special effects courtesy of the team behind ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Will Johnny Depp make a cameo appearance? We can only hope and dream!

Love & light


Let’s Get Dirty @ Rock Werchter Festival with JBC !

24 Jun

Belgian fashion retailer JBC has come up with a great collaboration with the organization of Rock Werchter, under the promising  title ‘Let’s get dirty’.

As the head sponsor of Rock Werchter, JBC is dressing all volunteers who help out at the fesival. But they also wanted to do something extra for those longterm festival fanatics who cannot be expected to still be smelling like daisy flowers after a few days of Werchter.

That’s why the fashion brand has built up an eyecatching washing machine stand at the Werchter festival site, where some lucky winners will get a chance  to take a fresh shower and leave the festival stand with a completely new limited edition JBC outfit, so they can re-enter the festival in style while the JBC crew is washing and ironing their dirty outfit.

How can you be one of the lucky ‘dirtbags’ to get chosen for this special VIP treatment, you say? On the Rock Werchter festival site there will be several people walking around, dressed up as a washing machine, who select people to answer a few questions. If the answers are correct, you’re in for some serious pampering!

You’ll get a new outfit that was specially created by JBC for Rock Werchter (=very exclusive), a nice long shower without having to wait a few hours (bliss!) AND you can go back a few hours later to pick up your freshly washed and ironed clothes. Ofcourse you get to keep the JBC outfit recognizable by the muddy hand- too (I’ve added some pictures of these limited edition outfits so what’s not to like?

Here are some pictures of the outfits JBC created for us dirty girls and boys! All items are very recognizable by the muddy hand logo that was created for this campaign.



So if you’re strolling aroung on the festival, be sure to keep an eye out for those funky looking washing machines on legs. 😉

EXTRA GOOD NEWS for those who don’t have their Rock Werchter tickets yet, as JBC is also organizing a Dirty Ticket Race, where you can win one of the 200 last duo tickets for Werchter!

This contest starts Saturday the 25th of June, so be sure to keep this date in mind!

What do you need to do to win? First of all you need to follow JBC on Facebook : on their FB page. From Saturday the 25th of June you can enter the Dirty Ticket Race (link here)  in order to win those very desired last tickets. This is a sort of online searching game where you need to find the images of a dirty tshirt or washmachine… When you have gathered 1000 Dirty coins in this game, you can wash your online tshirt and find one of the 8 locations where the festival tickets are hidden….

Sound complicated? Just take a look on the JBC Facebook page and everything will become clear! 😉

Hope to see you at the festivals!

With love, Nona