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Outfit of the day : My Zalando shopping spree

10 Jul

Dear readers,

It’s been pretty quiet at FlemishFashionFreaks’ headquarters recently shopping-wise, as I am still looking for a new job, which implies trying not to go crazy in the shopping department for the last 6 months (quite a challenge as you can surely imagine).

But as sales were fastly approaching, I decided to give in to the urge just for once and visit Zalando for some online madness… And mad it was! So many different brands means many MANY hours spent behind this very computer to decide which outfit I wanted to promote to my absolute favorite summer outfit.

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2013-07-08 20.11.07-400

I instantly fell in love with a beautiful Grecian-inspired chiffon dress (shop here) from the brand Louche which was a novelty to me. Keeping an eye on the brand in the future as they had many fashionable items to my liking.

Next I searched for a cool pair of sandals to match the dress… Luckily for me (and my big shoe size 42) Zalando has many available options for us ‘plus sized’ girls. My heart skipped a beat when I found this floral pair of Anna Field sandals with white and green tones (find them via this link). They fit perfectly and are a dream to walk on… That’s why I decided to post-order the same item in blue so I can change accordingly to my outfit of the day.

I’m not a big fan of jewellry as I’m always getting stuck to everything with them (can you believe I never even had my ears pierced for this exact reason?!) but every now and then I like to brighten up a simple dress or top with a cool statement necklace, often with a referral to animals.  The leopard necklace from Me& Zena fit the description perfectly and was a sure winner to complete my easy-going summer look.

Do you like my new summer outfit? What is your ideal outfit for the summer?

With love, Nona


This is what I bought at Forever 21 in Antwerp last night

30 Aug

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Last night I went to the press preview/opening of the 5000m2 Forever 21 store on Antwerp’s Meir and today I took some pictures of my goodies, assisted by my tiger Smiley who went wild over the denim dungarees- just like I did when I first spied them in the store last night -except I didn’t walk all over them ;-).

I’ve been asking myself for over a year now why mass retailers don’t bring those destroyed looking denim overalls back- and I don’t mean the version with ‘cute’ shorts, or with those lame, thin braces, but the real deal! Those of you old enough to remember OshKosh will know what I mean- even Carharrt still makes great ones, but they’re a tad too butch for my liking and the fabric is too stiff and uncomfortable. The absolute best ones last year came from Current-Elliott (a denim brand that can’t do wrong in my book) and Ralph Lauren Black Label- but I’m not willing to pay 400-2000 euros for a pair, thank you very much. These Forever 21 beauties cost less than 30 euros and I know I’ll get some good wear out of them.

I also bought a necklace with a double strand of turquoise beads and a duffel bag with Navajo print, plus a print T-shirt for hubby (yes, there’s a menswear department too!) and a pair of skinnies for Nona, that she can show here herself when she’s back next weekend.Girl knows how to strike a pose!

Do you like what I bought?

Love & light,