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New sales items added to the FFF shop

14 May

Dear readers,

Today I have selected a few items to put up for sale on our brand new SALE page.

As you can see it is mostly very summer-inspired stuff like dresses or light tops and some shoes. Later on we might still add some accessories like scarfs, handbags etc, so be sure to keep checking out the SALE page!

Especially wih the Essentiel stocksale coming up next week (check all the details here), it’s time to clean up and get my closet ready for adding some new finds.

The items will also be put online on our Flemish Fashion Freaks Facebook group, so be sure to join us there if you like any of the item.

Happy shopping !

With love, Nona

P1040050-400Brown suede wedge heel boots – size 42 – New Look – 15€

P1040051-400Coloured leather wedge heels – size 42 – Clarks – 30€ – worn once

P1040052-400Zignano running shoes – size 41 – Reebok – 30€ – never worn !!!

P1040053-400Cotton flower knee dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040054-400Grey button shirt dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040055-400Pink print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn !!!

P1040056-400Flower print cotton dress – size M – ONLY – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040057-400Tropical print dress – size S – ONLY – 5€ (can also be worn strapless)

P1040058-400Red flower halter dress – size 34 – STEPS – 15€ – worn once

P1040059-400Long pink/orange tropical dress – size M – Vero Moda – 15€ – worn once

P1040061-400Short purple/yellow print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040062-400Blue chiffon knee dress – size S – Esprit – worn once

P1040063-400Light blue jersey dress with zip details – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040064-400Blue/white/green cotton flower tunic – size M – Vila – 10€

P1040065-400Green/black chiffon knee dress – size 36 – Mexx – 15€ – never worn

P1040066-400Strapless green short dress w/ black print – size XS – Object – 10€

P1040067-400Green jersey dress – size M – Vero Moda – 10€

P1040068-400Long green/yellow strapless tropical print dress – size M – ONLY – 15€

P1040069-400Ethnic strapless dress – size S – DEPT – 10€

P1040070-400White tunic with spot print – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040072-400Bordeaux/black blazer – size 36 – H&M – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040075-400Short flower print jumpsuit with belt- size 34 – New Look – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040076-400Pink flower dress – size S – Forever 21 – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040078-400Breton stripe long top – size S – Vero Moda – 5€

P1040079-400Sripe dress – size 36 – JBC – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040080-400Blue sleeveless top – size M – H&M – 5€

P1040081-400Crossfit training trousers – size XS – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!

P1040083-400Tight running pants – size S – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!


OUTFIT POST – My new green coat

23 Oct

Dear readers,

As temperatures have plummeted dramatically in only a matter of weeks, it’s time to return to long wool coats, scarfs and mittens. I was (as usual) already afraid this would happen by the end of August, when I scored this beautiful military inspired khaki green coat at Mango… Now, about 6 weeks later, it was (finally) time to give this baby a first spin around town as my thin parka was no match against those chilly windblasts.

I combined the coat with a thin gipsy blouse underneath and my new favorite pair of skinny jeans by Forever 21. The wedge boots are from New Look.

Do you like my new coat? What coat are you wearing these days?

With love, Nona

Outfit post – A hot day in Antwerp

4 Sep

Dear readers,

Today is my last day as an unemployed woman (meaning I’m very busy selecting an outfit for my first day on the job- tips are welcome!)

To say the least I am very excited to be able to start again in the field of PR and Marketing! The last 4 months have been nice, sleeping in and doing what I want when I wanted to, but some stability is also necessary before I stay on holiday-mode forever!

That’s also the main reason why unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to blog today, but I still wanted to share some outfit pics from my shopping trip to Forever 21 (Antwerp), hope you enjoy them! As temperatures rocketed above 30 degrees Celsius, I chose to wear a colourful outfit in light fabrics.

Yellow top – River Island

Flower shorts  (with belt) – New Look

Straw hat – Local market in St Tropez

Bracelets – Local market in Port Grimaud

Leather sandals – La Bottega

For the FFF followers amongst you, you might recognize two of the items from my outfit as a few of my recently bought gems at River Island and New Look, which I also wore to the River Island XMAS preview a few weeks ago (read all about it here).

I’m so in love with these New Look flower shorts which I can continue wearing during autumn (you need to add a panty or long socks ofcourse) aswell as the yellow ribbon tie shirt from River Island, which will also be a style staple for me next season!

Do you like my outfit? What do you wear on such a hot day?

With love, Nona

Outfitpost – Heading somewhere?

30 May

Yesterday I went to Leuven to help a friend move house. Afterwards we went for some lunch and cocktails downtown to celebrate her new place.

For this ocassion I needed an outfit that was good to go for cocktails and at the same time was pratical enough to help her move all her stuff up and down a lot of winding stairs… Practical flat sandals were a keyfactor to make this mission sucessfull, so I opted for some nice ethnical sandals from New Look…

Leather jacket- Object / Dress – Mango / Headband- H&M / Owl necklace – Pieces / Sandals – New Look / Bag – Balenciaga

During the move I was thinking about my nice fellow bloggers who were giving it their all at the Stiletto Run in Hasselt, in order to win a year’s supply of free New Look shoes: what would they be wearing, who would win?

Even though I couldn’t be there IRL, I was still excited to read about it on the fashion blogs when I got home. I browsed the twitter and blogaccounts and soon found out that the event was a blast, nobody got hurt and everybody lived happily ever after, enjoying a cocktail in the centre of Hasselt.

If you want to read more about it, you can visit the great fashion blogs of  Brunetteblogging , Krizia Shark Attack or  Wood and Rags for a report on the Stiletto Run!

Congratulations to Hanan from FashionFabrice who won the 300m bloggers’ run! I am very proud of the way she can run in heels so fast and still look effortlessly cool! A big congrats goes out to all bloggers in fact who risked their lives and pretty shoes in order to show the world what they’re made off! I couldn’t have done it myself to be honest!  

Next time I’ll be there to cheer you all on!

With love, Nona

Living large!

23 Apr

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As summer is fastly approaching, I feel the sudden need to ban my boots and closed shoes to the attic and opt for some nice open summer shoes instead.

However, as I am the proud owner of a shoesize 42 (hooray!), I have discovered throughout the years that it isn’t easy-peasy to find flattering summery shoes for this size and up…

Luckily, I have been actively searching for brands and shops that sell nice models of shoes for larger feet than the custom sizes most stores have available… And I am very willing to share these with you!

In Antwerp, I have a few go-to adresses, where I am always certain to find something that makes my heart jump.

First stop is New Look on the Meir: they have a huge basement filled with all kinds of pumps, espadrilles, gladiator sandals, loafers, flipflops, all according to the latest trends and often available until size 42. They also have an international webshop that delivers to Belgium, so search for that creditcards NOW ladies! It’s time to get your shop on!

Just across from New Look on Meir, there is a large combo store by JBC and Torfs… In the back of the ground floor, Torfs has a special section for 42, where you can find all the models that are currently available in this size.

On a few minutes walking distance from these 2 shops, there’s a somewhat hidden gem for the outsiders at the Wilde Zee called Sacha,  which still is one of my favourite shoeshops. This Dutch retail company knows like no other that there is a large need for shoesize 42, hence they have a large offer of trendy pumps and summer shoes for this size, often these are own productions. In the winter this is also my favourite place to go if I need/want new flat boots in a cool colour, as they also sell the brand Bronx, a brand that has a 42 and who’s sizes are larger than a custom size.

Also at the Wilde Zee -very close to Sacha in fact- you’ll find a pretty new little adress by Dutch company Invito. They present a wide range of funky wedges, pumps, flipflops and sandals, often going until 42, for very fair prices.

Bare Foot Tess is an U.S. based online shoe walhalla that specializes in large shoesizes. They ship internationally, but beware of the raised prices if you add taxes and shipping costs! Their assortment is also available for shoesizes larger than size 42, ging up to US size 15, hooray for that!

Another good but somewhat more expensive adress is Van Loock Schoenen in Zandhoven. They must have one of the largest display windows in the world, so be sure to take your time if you visit the shop! Another reason for this is the personal attention every customer gets from the sales clerks, this means long waiting rows on busy days like Saturdays or Wednesday afternoons!

Next to these adresses, I try to make a habit out of visiting the city of Hasselt at least twice a year and on very specific occasions…My special reason for going there is La Bottega, a sure winner for every shoeloving man and woman.

I always try to pass by around the time of the delivery of the new collections for spring (around March) and the delivery of the autumn collections (in September). Honestly, I must admit that I have never been able to leave La Bottega without the purchase of at least 2 pairs of new shoes. In other words, this a very dangerous place when your credit card is not wanting to go the extra mile 😉

The gallery on top of the post shows some of my favourite shoes that are cuurently availble from the brands/shops I have mentioned here. If you want some specific details about any specific item, please feel welcome to contact me.

Are there other women out here who are living on a large scale? Do you have any other nice adresses to share with us? Which are your favourite shoe shops?

With love, Nona