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OUTFITPOST – That 70’s Show

3 May

Lately I have been feeling very boho-minded, so I dug up my favourite pair of flared jeans out of the dressing & put it back in rotation.

Combining it with an effortlessly chic green blazer from River Island and a colourpop floral top from Vero Moda, this is the perfect outfit for a day of work, if you are also going out for dinner & drinks with your friends afterwards.

Blazer – River Island / Top – Vero Moda / Jeans – ONLY / Bracelets – Pieces & Accessorize / Necklace – Pieces / Shoes – Vulcan

Do you like my outfit?

With love,  Nona


OUTFITPOST – Indian Summer

12 Sep

Dear readers,

As you have read before, I started a nw exciting job last week, which initially has been taking up a lot of my time and energy, resulting in a small but temporary neglect for our poor fashion blog Flemish Fashion Freaks… This means I’ll need to start planning my blogposts more carefully in the future, writing ahead like many of our fellow bloggers…

For the next week I’ve planned a few outfit posts from my first week at the new job, a picture report of the Arrow event that took place last week as well as some pictures of my recent fashion loves I discovered in shops, online or anywhere else.. So stay tuned for more!

Below I’ve put up a few pictures from my ethnical inspired outfit I wore last week. Due to the bad weather, we we’re forced to take the pictures inside, that’s why the pics are a bit dark.

The white slogan tshirt from River Island is my current favourite top, so you will see it in other future outfit posts too, as I feel this tee has much potential to be combined in many different ways. My ethnical printed sweater is a new fashion gem from Forever 21, which I scored at the official launch last week, it has been keeping me warm ever since and will keep doing so for a long time I hope! The suede shorts are from Mango, the handbag is from Pieces Accessories. The boots were bought at Brantano a few years ago.

With love, Nona

OUTFIT POST – I’m a MANIAC on the (work)floor!

5 Sep

Dear readers,

As of today I can officially call myself a Media Maniac! I love my new job at this PR agency and hope many exciting new things will happen while working there!

Before falling into a deep sleep after my succesful first day at work , I wanted to share a few outfit pictures with what I wore today.

I decided to go for a comfortable outfit that resists all the challenges nature threw at us today: one minute the sun was shining, the next one rain started pouring down, then sun again… What the flying heck?!?

For this occasion my boyfriend jeans with a long blue blazer and extra scarf/sweater (hidden in the purse) were the perfect match to counter this mumbo jumbo weather.

I’m also looking very much forward to visit the hairdressers this week-end (fiiinally after months of ‘sun-kissed hair’, let’s call it that) as well as the European Arrow launch next Thursday…

Now off to bed, as I am really beat after such an intense day, in order to be ready for more tomorrow!

With love, Nona

As you can see, the cat wanted to be in the picture too! Maybe she just really missed me after being used to seeing me during the (work)day. Either way, she is such a cutie, I missed her too ;-D

Blazer – H&M

Top – Mango

Jeans – ONLY

Belt – Vintage

Bracelets – Accessorize and local market

Shoes – Diesel

Handbag – Pieces

Necklace – Forever 21

OUTFIT POST – Letting out my inner geek

22 Jul

Dear readers,

After more than a week of  ‘radio silence on Flemish Fashion Freaks due to no internet acces while on holiday, I finally got back to the real world (WITH my precious internet that is) to put up a post on my new outfit I wore a few days ago. .. Just in time me thinks as I started to show rehab symptons while away, in the form of harassing non-suspecting hotel and restaurant owners to let me use their computer/internet.

As I’m normally more the bohemian or rock chick type of dresser, I wanted to try something else this time, something completely new to me, and as I will begin working again at the start of September, an office-proof outfit that’s still hip and happening seemed the only valid option to go for right now.

I decided to go for the Geek Chic look that has been rocking the streets and magazines for quite some time , as this way I could finally put my cool animalprint glasses from Vans to good use ! I combined it with my longsleeved denim shirt to add a little edge to the mix, to prevent the outfit from becoming TOO goody-goody-two-shoes.

Is this a trend you like or hate? Please do not hesitate to share your opinion with us, as we’re very curious about what you think!

Now, enough chit-chatter, I hope you like the outfit pix!  Sorry for the bad quality of some photos:  I was forced to take them inside as the weather was not on my side during the shoot (read: thunderstorms and the occasional lightening flash).

With love, Nona


Headband : Primark

Glasses : VANS

Denim l/s shirt : ONLY

Top : Zara

Skirt : ASOS

Leather bag : Pieces

Ballerinas : Diesel

Bracelets : Pieces, Accessorize and H&M

Owl necklace : Pieces

OUTFIT POST – Breaking the ban

13 Jun

I’ve been a real naughty girl yesterday… I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any fashion items anymore for as long as possible as I a m trying to save up some money for a holiday this summer. Going strong already for more than a month, I was quite satisfied with my accomplishment/fashion ban, that was until my boyfriend asked me to join him to  a DIY store to get some garden equipment.Not realizing yet what was hanging above my head, I took on the journey with him and drove to our local Hubo store.

Once arrived at the location, I noticed that there was a shop that was of quite some more interest to me, Siesta, a road store that sells shoes and clothes…. uuuhmm, say what? It doesn’t hurt to just take a sneak peek before the sales take off on the 1st of July, right? As I whirlwinded into Siesta, I left my boyfriend to do the garden shopping by himself, as I am not really the plant enthousiastic or connaisseur to be honest and I felt my time would be better spent in there, instead of braving the Sunday hords of DIY fanatics Belgium is famous for….

Big mistake! Ofcourse I instantly fell in love with a pair of studded shoes, which were still available in my size ( a not so easy 42)… WHYYYYY, faith, must you tease me like this!? I decided not to JUMP on the opportunity immediately and await my boyfriend’s arrival to let him decide whether he liked the shoes and if I should go for it…

End balance? I am now the proud owner of a new pair of wonderful sparkly studded shoes and on the other hand also have a serious conscience issue I am unsuccesfully trying to ignore… So far for my ban, I guess! Must start over, back to start, you cannot pass the bank, to say it in Monopoly terms…

Not to leave you lusting any longer, here are some pictures of my new sweetie pies, they clearly deserve some ‘airtime’ as they were the ones responsible for the ban being broken 😉 Hope you like the shoes and the outfit created around them!

(The crazy shot)

Vest: ONLY / Top : Mango/ Trousers: H&M/ Belt: Pieces / Shoes: Rieker/ Hat : Pimkie/ Bracelets: Accessorize and Pieces

With love, Nona

Outfitpost – Heading somewhere?

30 May

Yesterday I went to Leuven to help a friend move house. Afterwards we went for some lunch and cocktails downtown to celebrate her new place.

For this ocassion I needed an outfit that was good to go for cocktails and at the same time was pratical enough to help her move all her stuff up and down a lot of winding stairs… Practical flat sandals were a keyfactor to make this mission sucessfull, so I opted for some nice ethnical sandals from New Look…

Leather jacket- Object / Dress – Mango / Headband- H&M / Owl necklace – Pieces / Sandals – New Look / Bag – Balenciaga

During the move I was thinking about my nice fellow bloggers who were giving it their all at the Stiletto Run in Hasselt, in order to win a year’s supply of free New Look shoes: what would they be wearing, who would win?

Even though I couldn’t be there IRL, I was still excited to read about it on the fashion blogs when I got home. I browsed the twitter and blogaccounts and soon found out that the event was a blast, nobody got hurt and everybody lived happily ever after, enjoying a cocktail in the centre of Hasselt.

If you want to read more about it, you can visit the great fashion blogs of  Brunetteblogging , Krizia Shark Attack or  Wood and Rags for a report on the Stiletto Run!

Congratulations to Hanan from FashionFabrice who won the 300m bloggers’ run! I am very proud of the way she can run in heels so fast and still look effortlessly cool! A big congrats goes out to all bloggers in fact who risked their lives and pretty shoes in order to show the world what they’re made off! I couldn’t have done it myself to be honest!  

Next time I’ll be there to cheer you all on!

With love, Nona

Outfitpost- Purple Rain

22 May

I’ve been out driving around in my car today to get some more practice before taking my practical exam sometime this summer… This morning it was still very bright and sunny but during the long drive the sky kept getting darker by the minute.

Therefore my previous plan to make an outdoor outfit post on a special location went flying out the window and Iwas  obligated to take some quick outfit pictures in our garden before the fierce wind would turn into a rainshower. Luckily we have a beautiful tree that formed the perfect match for this mini-shoot.

I hope you like the outfit! As you can tell after a few outfit posts, I am quite the flower and colour addict dress-wise: in spring almost any bright print dress that falls just above the knee can qualify to make my heart skip a beat.

Luckily my dressing got fully loaded with these kinds of dresses and skirts during the last years, so I am good to go for this season, no need to shop more of these…. for now. A new blazer in a bright colour however…

Dress: Mango / Vest : Vero Moda /Purple fringed shoulder bag : Pieces /Wedges: Teva / Golden hairband: Accessorize/ Bracelets: Accessorize

I like the way the purple print dress floats in the air when there’s a light breeze: however, when I went to the gas station earlier todayI had to look out  with those fierce windblasts not to give acidental passers-by more than they bargained for as my dress kept flying all ways but those desired.

Embarrassing? Yes.  Lesson learned? Definitely!  Next time my boyfriend is filling up the tank and I stay put in the car. 😉

The purple fringed bag is really handy for multiple occasions, as you can wear it on the shoulder to go to a festival or remove the strap and wear it as a clutch to more formal occasions. The fringe trend is going strong again after all those years, so I decided to dig this baby up out of the far borders of my closet, where it has been neglected for the last year or so, poor little thing. Hooray for the revival of trends! Or at least SOME trends…

Hope you can spend this Sunday in the nicest way possible! After this post, I’m getting ready to start cooking up some fresh homemade lasagna for tonight, followed by some apple pastry, which is a new thing as I am not the dessert kind of girl normally… But for my sweet boyfriend only the best is good enough!

With love, Nona

Wednesday’s pressdays outfit

30 Apr

What a hectic week it has been, filled with the pressdays organisation, a nice bloggers meeting organized by Oona and several parties and fashion events.

After getting a bit of rest, I am finally ready to share some pics with you from the outfit I wore on Wednesday when I was hosting our own pressdays at Bestseller. After that I visited Oona for the Groupon bloggers meeting.

We had a very warm welcome from the entire Oona team, who tried their utter best to provide us with everything we needed, from news about cool new collections to a tasty buffet and nice cocktails & drinks. It was also very nice meeting so many bloggers I had not yet seen IRL.

There were some magnificent collections to discover from River Island, Essentiel, Forever 21 and more…

But for those pictures you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when I’ll post my pressdays review with my favourite pieces. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the outfit pics!

Black blazer with padded shoulders: ONLY / Sheer print top : VILA / Green skinny trousers : H&M / Bracelets : Accessorize + Pieces / Wedges : TEVA

(The pics were taken after getting home from Oona, as you can tell by the lighting it was already pretty late)

My 10 month old cat Mira LOVES to be in the centre of attention, so she is also starring in these pics. She is my favourite little black accessory that goes with about everything (except white pants, hate the cathairs on those!)  😉

With love, Nona

Outfit of the day: who likes short shorts?

25 Apr

First of all, a very late Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you were able to spend it nicely with family and friends!

What a great week-end it has been! It keeps on getting hotter every day, with today’s temperatures rising up to 30 as the highest yet!

I admit that I like the occasional high temperatures, but with almost 30 degrees Celcius, finding a cool outfit can sometimes be a real challenge… Thank god for my jeansshorts by Vila!

Normally I start wearing these around June-July, but with this temperature, I had no other option than to dig them up already last week. Hooray for that!

Today will be a relaxed day spent at home, more specifically in the garden as we had a busy day yesterday with some family festivities and a large family quest in search of different statues at Middelheim Park.

Since pressdays are also coming up next week Wednesday and Thursday, tomorrow will be a real busy day with LOTS of last-minute preparations and arrangments for this… So let’s relax while we still can! 😉

As you can tell from the pictures, I am a big fan of flower prints at the moment. Next to that, I am also carrying one of my other favourite items, my khaki leather Balenciaga bag I managed to find second hand a few years ago.

What are your plans for today?

With love, Nona

Flower top- Vero Moda/ Denim shorts – Vila/ Bikini top- Accessorize/ Headband- Primark/ Bag- khaki Balenciaga Day/Shoes- Fly/ Bracelets- Accesorize and Pieces Accessories/ Nailpolish- OPI (Blue my mind)