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New sales items added to the FFF shop

14 May

Dear readers,

Today I have selected a few items to put up for sale on our brand new SALE page.

As you can see it is mostly very summer-inspired stuff like dresses or light tops and some shoes. Later on we might still add some accessories like scarfs, handbags etc, so be sure to keep checking out the SALE page!

Especially wih the Essentiel stocksale coming up next week (check all the details here), it’s time to clean up and get my closet ready for adding some new finds.

The items will also be put online on our Flemish Fashion Freaks Facebook group, so be sure to join us there if you like any of the item.

Happy shopping !

With love, Nona

P1040050-400Brown suede wedge heel boots – size 42 – New Look – 15€

P1040051-400Coloured leather wedge heels – size 42 – Clarks – 30€ – worn once

P1040052-400Zignano running shoes – size 41 – Reebok – 30€ – never worn !!!

P1040053-400Cotton flower knee dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040054-400Grey button shirt dress – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040055-400Pink print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn !!!

P1040056-400Flower print cotton dress – size M – ONLY – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040057-400Tropical print dress – size S – ONLY – 5€ (can also be worn strapless)

P1040058-400Red flower halter dress – size 34 – STEPS – 15€ – worn once

P1040059-400Long pink/orange tropical dress – size M – Vero Moda – 15€ – worn once

P1040061-400Short purple/yellow print dress – size M – Vila – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040062-400Blue chiffon knee dress – size S – Esprit – worn once

P1040063-400Light blue jersey dress with zip details – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040064-400Blue/white/green cotton flower tunic – size M – Vila – 10€

P1040065-400Green/black chiffon knee dress – size 36 – Mexx – 15€ – never worn

P1040066-400Strapless green short dress w/ black print – size XS – Object – 10€

P1040067-400Green jersey dress – size M – Vero Moda – 10€

P1040068-400Long green/yellow strapless tropical print dress – size M – ONLY – 15€

P1040069-400Ethnic strapless dress – size S – DEPT – 10€

P1040070-400White tunic with spot print – size M – ONLY – 10€

P1040072-400Bordeaux/black blazer – size 36 – H&M – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040075-400Short flower print jumpsuit with belt- size 34 – New Look – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040076-400Pink flower dress – size S – Forever 21 – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040078-400Breton stripe long top – size S – Vero Moda – 5€

P1040079-400Sripe dress – size 36 – JBC – 10€ – never worn!!!

P1040080-400Blue sleeveless top – size M – H&M – 5€

P1040081-400Crossfit training trousers – size XS – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!

P1040083-400Tight running pants – size S – Reebok – 15€ – never worn!!!


OUTFITPOST – That 70’s Show

3 May

Lately I have been feeling very boho-minded, so I dug up my favourite pair of flared jeans out of the dressing & put it back in rotation.

Combining it with an effortlessly chic green blazer from River Island and a colourpop floral top from Vero Moda, this is the perfect outfit for a day of work, if you are also going out for dinner & drinks with your friends afterwards.

Blazer – River Island / Top – Vero Moda / Jeans – ONLY / Bracelets – Pieces & Accessorize / Necklace – Pieces / Shoes – Vulcan

Do you like my outfit?

With love,  Nona

Outfitpost- Purple Rain

22 May

I’ve been out driving around in my car today to get some more practice before taking my practical exam sometime this summer… This morning it was still very bright and sunny but during the long drive the sky kept getting darker by the minute.

Therefore my previous plan to make an outdoor outfit post on a special location went flying out the window and Iwas  obligated to take some quick outfit pictures in our garden before the fierce wind would turn into a rainshower. Luckily we have a beautiful tree that formed the perfect match for this mini-shoot.

I hope you like the outfit! As you can tell after a few outfit posts, I am quite the flower and colour addict dress-wise: in spring almost any bright print dress that falls just above the knee can qualify to make my heart skip a beat.

Luckily my dressing got fully loaded with these kinds of dresses and skirts during the last years, so I am good to go for this season, no need to shop more of these…. for now. A new blazer in a bright colour however…

Dress: Mango / Vest : Vero Moda /Purple fringed shoulder bag : Pieces /Wedges: Teva / Golden hairband: Accessorize/ Bracelets: Accessorize

I like the way the purple print dress floats in the air when there’s a light breeze: however, when I went to the gas station earlier todayI had to look out  with those fierce windblasts not to give acidental passers-by more than they bargained for as my dress kept flying all ways but those desired.

Embarrassing? Yes.  Lesson learned? Definitely!  Next time my boyfriend is filling up the tank and I stay put in the car. 😉

The purple fringed bag is really handy for multiple occasions, as you can wear it on the shoulder to go to a festival or remove the strap and wear it as a clutch to more formal occasions. The fringe trend is going strong again after all those years, so I decided to dig this baby up out of the far borders of my closet, where it has been neglected for the last year or so, poor little thing. Hooray for the revival of trends! Or at least SOME trends…

Hope you can spend this Sunday in the nicest way possible! After this post, I’m getting ready to start cooking up some fresh homemade lasagna for tonight, followed by some apple pastry, which is a new thing as I am not the dessert kind of girl normally… But for my sweet boyfriend only the best is good enough!

With love, Nona

Outfit of the day: who likes short shorts?

25 Apr

First of all, a very late Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you were able to spend it nicely with family and friends!

What a great week-end it has been! It keeps on getting hotter every day, with today’s temperatures rising up to 30 as the highest yet!

I admit that I like the occasional high temperatures, but with almost 30 degrees Celcius, finding a cool outfit can sometimes be a real challenge… Thank god for my jeansshorts by Vila!

Normally I start wearing these around June-July, but with this temperature, I had no other option than to dig them up already last week. Hooray for that!

Today will be a relaxed day spent at home, more specifically in the garden as we had a busy day yesterday with some family festivities and a large family quest in search of different statues at Middelheim Park.

Since pressdays are also coming up next week Wednesday and Thursday, tomorrow will be a real busy day with LOTS of last-minute preparations and arrangments for this… So let’s relax while we still can! 😉

As you can tell from the pictures, I am a big fan of flower prints at the moment. Next to that, I am also carrying one of my other favourite items, my khaki leather Balenciaga bag I managed to find second hand a few years ago.

What are your plans for today?

With love, Nona

Flower top- Vero Moda/ Denim shorts – Vila/ Bikini top- Accessorize/ Headband- Primark/ Bag- khaki Balenciaga Day/Shoes- Fly/ Bracelets- Accesorize and Pieces Accessories/ Nailpolish- OPI (Blue my mind)